We work ...
... to make your project real

BA Factory is a team of professionals with bast experience providing services to world class companies. We supply a variety of services in the area of Information Technology oriented to the quality of results. Our concept of quality of service is based in the commitment with our clients of providing them a high level of technical competences and supplying added value services.

What we do

We develop high quality products. We believe that the product value is not only defined by its capability of solving a specific issue in a certain moment, but also by the sturdiness of the design, the adaptability of its architecture and the quality of the source code. All these characteristics will allow the product to keep growing and adapting to the business evolution, requiring a much lower maintenance cost.

Why us

Because we know how to build your solution keeping the pace of your project. That's how we can building the proper solution for your needs driving your project into a real business.